Hi. I'm Nuno Balbona

Spanish full-stack developer, sysadmin, and technical founder, with a passion for software that connects people. ✌

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  • Curious Cat

    • Curious cat is a Q&A social network used by more than one and a half million people every day, where you can ask and receive questions, sometimes anonymously.
    • I cofounded Curious Cat 2016, and we were acquired by Vonvon Inc two years after. I'm currently working at Vonvon, developing Curious Cat and other projects
    • Scaling was one of the main challenges, but with horizontally scaling PHP servers, and a memcached layer in front of a MariaDB database it currently serves +2B requests per month

Up close and personal


I started programming at age 11, and taught myself how to code to be able to bring my ideas into life. I pursued a CS degree for a couple of years, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth my time.

I mainly deliver using common web technologies (Vue, React, PHP, Node.js...) But I always enjoy trying new things

Other stuff

  • Brawlmance

    • Brawlmance provides statistics for the videogame Brawlhalla
    • It has mantained a small but steady user base (~250 users/day) for a couple of years, mainly coming from search engines
    • It crawls 500k players every day, and keeps track of the global trends
  • Conway Engine: A moderately performant engine for Conway's Game of Life
  • Node Image Hash: Perceptual image hash for node.js
  • JS Launchpad: Library that uses the Web MIDI API to interact with the Launchpad Mk1
  • The nipple game: They aren't that different
  • DVD: Videogames!


  • My mother tongues are Spanish and Galician, but I also speak English at a professional level. (And I understand Portuguese fairly well!!)
  • I was born in 1997, and grew up in a tiny town in Galicia, Spain
  • Co-founded a web hosting service (I'm no longer involved, tho)
  • Worked as a freelancer since 16, for different local business and multinational corporations