Hi. I'm Nuno Balbona

Spanish web developer and sysadmin, with a passion for software that connects people. ✌

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Ongoing Projects

  • Curious Cat

    • Curious cat is a Q&A social network used by more than one million people every day, where you can ask and receive questions, sometimes anonymously.
    • I cofounded Curious Cat in April 16, 2016; and we were acquired by Vonvon Inc. two years after. I'm currently working at vonvon, developing Curious Cat
  • Brawlmance

    • Brawlmance provides Brawlhalla Statistics for legend winrates, weapon winrates, leaderboards, and more
    • I mostly created it to satisfy my analytical side, and to be useful to other players
  • Twitter bots

Up close and personal


  • Self-taught
  • Tried college for a couple of years, but dropped out to pursue my career
  • I mainly deliver using common web technologies (PHP, Node.js, SQL, Vue.js...); But I always enjoy trying new things

Old stuff that I want to redo sometime

My history

  • I was born in 1997, and grew up in a tiny town in Galicia, Spain
  • I found programming to be a great way to entertain myself at the age of 11, and haven't stopped developing new ideas since then
  • Co-founded a web hosting service
  • Worked as a freelancer after turning 18, for different local business and multinational corporations